What’s BeenHappening


Thursday, January 11, 2018: The Allegro Women enjoyed a barbecue luncheon provided by Choo-Choo Bar-B-Q just after Tom Blazek and Jimmy Kendrick  provided them the latest on the 100 Club of Aransas County. They spoke about some very tough men and women – our local Police, Sheriff, and ACISD Departments.

This nonprofit, fully volunteer staffed organization provides life saving equipment and educational and training opportunities for officers as well as financial aid to families of deceased officers. Mr. Blazek and Mr. Kendrick shared heart warming stories about the lives the use of their equipment has saved and about the progress grieving families have had with the support of this 100 Club.

For more information and/or an application to join, contact:

The 100 Club of Aransas County   P.O. Box 727    Fulton, TX 78358

or call 361-729-3988 and speak with one of the dedicated volunteers.

Finally!!!Thursday Dec. 14, 2017 The women of the Allegro Women’s Club and the Key Allegro Garden Club  gathered at the Allegro House to have some time  with other local women and enjoy their company while sipping punch or tea and nibbling on homemade delights – Christmas style. President Lawana Jackson of the AWC and President Susan O’Bryant of the Garden Club pulled off this much needed party and all the women are grateful that they took the steps necessary for the reunion.


They were delighted to have a chance to be together and to catch up on each woman’s whereabouts since Rockport’s stormy summer. And despite the personal experiences with damaged homes and businesses, they were able to find cheerful red apparel to sport for the party.


Besides being the most wonderful time of the year, they also were able to see and purchase the new directories which will be quite handy to have. All of the Allegro Women’s Club friends and neighbors will be listed, with a bevy of convenient business advertisements included. Those ads will contribute largely to the Allegro Women’s Scholarship Fund for 2018. The directories sold for $10.

Kay Clifton created a beautiful Christmas atmosphere in the Allegro House while Jennie Taylor and Sherrie Addington set up an appetizing table that drew the women back for another plate more than once.

And most welcome was the presence of some new lovely faces – women who will add to the spirit and energy of the clubs.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year!

Friday, August 25, 2017 – Hurricane Harvey changed the plans Lawana Jackson and her officers had made for the upcoming year. But Rockport is STRONG and the Allegro Women’s Club is gearing up to begin the 2017-2018 season as quickly as possible.      


Thursday, May 11th was the last meeting of the season for our Allegro Women’s Club. We honored 3 highly deserving students and their families with scholarships for the coming school year.  Awarding these scholarships is one of our club’s primary goals each year, and many of our women worked diligently to raise the funds to reach this goal.

Awarded were Angel Alcala, who will attend the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Lindsay Garcia, who will attend Texas A&M in Corpus Christi, and Taylor Hernandez, who will also attend Del Mar College in Corpus Christi.

Installation was held for our staff of officers for the coming 2017-2018 year.They are truly a group of women willing to give much time and thought to the success of our club in reaching its goals. Congratulations and we all wish you a wonderful year, President Lawana Jackson, 1st Vice President Penny Shephard, Secretary Anne Lockwood, 2nd Vice President Diane Rome, and Treasurer Caroline Bernardy.


The regular April meeting was one of the most informative meetings we have had in quite a while. Our guest speaker, Mike Reeves with Republic Services, told us about the new trash and recycling collection program that the city is implementing this summer. The new system is a huge change and affects all of our neighborhoods. The ladies had the opportunity to ask Mr. Reeves their questions, and those questions were numerous. His answers were thorough so when he left, we knew everything we needed to know about conforming to the new system. Just ask one of those ladies and you will get the “real story”.

Our new officers for the 2017-2018 season were formally elected: President, Lawana Jackson; 1st Vice President, Penny Shephard; 2nd Vice-President, Diane Rome; Secretary, Anne Lockwood; and Treasurer, Caroline Bernardy.

Lawana Jackson reported on the huge success our advertisement sales have been. Because of this extraordinary fund raiser, we have secured monies to support the scholarships we love to bestow. These ads will be displayed throughout our upcoming directory, so our job now is to sell the directories so that all of our sponsors will benefit from their attractive ads.

When the business was done, the ladies enjoyed visiting while they dined on their brown bag lunches and desserts.

Our Annual Tri-Club meeting was held on Tuesday, March 21, hosted by the Harbor Oaks Ladies Club in the Rockport Country Club dining room. The ladies were treated with a style show of fashions from Julian Gold of Corpus Christi. And what a style show it was! As if on a Paris catwalk the models wore the newest clothing including a collection of delightful hats. Are hats in high fashion again? Now that we’ve seen these we are tempted to start that trend going in our own Rockport social scene.

Our own slate of officers for the 2016-2017 season was presented, and there were no nominations from the floor. Formal elections will be held on April 13 at our regularly scheduled meeting and our new officers will take their positions in September. Our new leaders will be:

President: Lawana Jackson

1st Vice President: Penny Shephard

2nd Vice President: Diane Rome

Secretary: Anne Lockwood

Treasurer: Caroline Bernardy

Women’s Club February meeting was a “sea-worthy” experience. On the agenda was one of Rockport’s finest, Mr. Larry Sinclair, who works for the Rockport Police Patrol along and in our bays. Mr. Sinclair addressed security issues on Key Allegro and in all of Rockport.

Who would have thought that our regular monthly meeting on Jan. 12, 2017 was going to be such fun bidding for other women’s purses? Indeed the event proved to be fun and profitable for the Allegro Women’s club Scholarship Fund.



With Caroline Bernardy on stage, the first Allegro Women’s purse auction took place after the business meeting ended and before serving the annual soup and sandwich luncheon, which was offered by our club’s creative board members.


Below you can see some of the wonderful choices the ladies had when bidding. Some purses were antiques like the blue beaded one on the left. Some were summer-y like the straw with the perky bow attached. A few were tiny and perfect for mah jongg coins, and some would be handy on a quick flight to Dallas.                         

Once the bidding was over, the ladies enjoyed lunch and chatting about their new purses. Mary Lynn Painton found a way to make our table look even prettier than usual with delicious purse cookies – really almost too pretty to eat!