Upcoming Events



What’s planned: A celebration gathering of the Allegro Women will take place on Thursday, Dec. 14, at the Allegro House beginning at 10:30 AM to recharge all of us in our friendship, to do some story sharing, and possibly re-shape of our role in the community.


What to expect: You know you’ve missed visiting with your Allegro Women friends, so come ready to spend some time catching up on their experiences over the last amazing months. The wonderful ladies of the Key Allegro Garden Club are invited to join us, too.

Enjoy punch or tea and a wonderful choice of finger food nibbles.

Yes, this happening occurs just before the Christmas holidays, and we can call it a Christmas celebration. What better time to honor our friendships with a delightful morning together?

What you can bring: Mostly your charming self. Also, you could bring your $25 dues for the new season, or you can mail them to Caroline Bernardy at 26 Flamingo in Rockport.

And our new directories could very well be available. You will find them well worth the $10 price.

Another newsletter will come to you in early December with any updates needed. But you can mark your calendar for this event.

Please consider joining us this season. Check out the “How You Can Join” page on this website.