Club Leadership

President: Lawana Jackson

First Vice-President: Penny Shephard

Secretary: Anne Lockwood (soon to be relocating)

Second Vice-Presidents:  Diane Rome

Treasurer: Caroline Bernardy

These women oversee and encourage the marvelous efforts of many chairwomen. If you are interested in serving on any of the committees, please contact Lawana Jackson

Communications:  Telephone: Terry Samuels

E-mails, newsletters &web site: Harriet Braswell

Publicity: Parkie Luce

Meetings:  Luncheon Coordinator: Jenny Taylor and Sherrie Addington

Program Chairs: Joanna Schmermund

Check-in: Ruth Ann Sheppard and Helen Hough

Decorations: Kay Clifton

Scholarships: Mary Lynn Painton

Directory: Debbie Kahanek